Foxy News #4

Morning everyone! Hope you're having a great weekend so far! 

Mike and I watched some of Trump's press conference live, and I spent it peeking through my fingers, it was so cringe-inducing. He seems to live in a parallel universe and spent most of his time telling easily discreditable lies. I don't want to dedicate too much time to him, but you can read Rolling Stone's summary of the press conference HERE and The Star's running total of Trump's lies HERE. I will, however, leave Donald's explanation of uranium here for your viewing pleasure.

Speaking of compulsive liars, Ukip leader, self proclaimed PhD graduate and professional footballer Paul Nuttall has been at it again with his tall tales, claiming he lost a close friend in the Hillsborough Disaster. He also said he was a board member of a vocational training charity and registered an address he doesn't live at so he was eligible to run in the next election. He's basically Jay from The Inbetweeners in a suit.

Tony Blair, the whack-a-mole of politicians, has popped up again to lecture us all on Brexit and has called for Remain supporters to "rise up in defence of what we believe". Just like that time the protests against the Iraq war were the biggest worldwide protests in history, so Mr Blair decided to listen to the people and not invade. Sod off, Tony.

Back in week two of Foxy News, I spoke about the new domestic abuse legislation being introduced in Russia that would basically decriminalise the act of beating your partner. Well, surprise surprise, reports of domestic violence have soared. Either incidents have risen or women are reporting it to the police more often, as the new law requires it to have happened more often. Either way, totally shit.

If you haven't seen Adele's Grammys speech, please watch it now. Even if you're not a Beyonce fan, it is unbelievable that she didn't win the Best Album award for Lemonade, a piece of work that will surely be remembered as one of the most important records of this decade. The list of black artists snubbed by the Grammys is long and it was refreshing to see Adele acknowledge her privilege and use her platform to ask, "What does Beyonce have to do to win album of the year?"

Bosnia is to appeal against the 2007 ruling that cleared Serbia of genocide during the civil war. The original case was launched in 1993 and the Hague found only one act of genocide - the massacre of nearly 8,000 Muslim males but said there was not enough evidence to suggest Belgrade was directly responsible. I'm currently reading the book "An Inconvenient Genocide", which focuses on the plight of the Armenians but highly recommend it if you want to learn about the crime of genocide in general.


10 powerful women talk about their abortions.

Philip Pullman is releasing his Book of Dust later this year and my favourite childhood heroine Lyra Belacqua will feature once again. 

Phil McDuff wrote about the fact Donald Trump isn't actually mad.

I highly recommend Jean Kilbourne's talk "Killing us Softly" which focuses on how women are portrayed in advertising, and how this leads to the dehumanisation of them. It's about a decade old now but still really relevant.

Lauren Aitchison