Foxy News #1

Hi everyone and welcome to Foxy News! You can read more about what you'll be seeing here on the "about" page HERE. Let's crack on with the round up of this week's news.

Rape and sexual assault cases and convictions (or lack thereof) have been almost constantly discussed since the horrendous 2012 Delhi gang rape of Jyoti Singh. At new year, a "mass molestation" of women took place on the streets of Bangalore but the home minister for Karnataka state said, "These kinds of things do happen." That's ok, then. You can watch a clip HERE of Rupan Deol Bajaj, who was the first woman in India to take a case of sexual harassment to court in India. 

Luxury department store Harrods has been caught with its fingers in its employees' tips - they keep up to 75% of them! UVW union has told them that if they're going to keep a chunk of tips, they have to be able to justify why ("we're greedy bastards" should cover it). A spokesperson for Harrods said, "Harrods is taking steps to improve the current system through which it distributes its service charge, to ensure it best serves our employees and is completing a detailed review into the existing scheme,” she said. Thank you for clearing that up, faceless consumerism puppet. If you work in the hospitality industry and want to know your rights when it comes to tips and service charges, you'll find them here.

Paralympic athlete Anne Wafula Strike was forced to urinate on herself during a three hour train journey when CrossCountry trains failed to provide a toilet with disabled access. “I was completely robbed of my dignity by the train company,” she said. “As a disabled person I have worked so hard over the years to build up my confidence and self-belief.

“Having access to a toilet, especially in a developed nation like the UK, is one of the most basic rights. I tried to conceal the smell of urine by spraying perfume over myself. When I finally got home after my nightmare journey, I scrubbed myself clean in the shower then flung myself on my bed and sobbed for hours.”

What a total fucking joke that anyone would be denied basic rights like a toilet in 2017. Sarah from the blog Sarah in Wonderland has written a post about travelling by train as a disabled person, as well as an open letter to passengers. To say this kind of treatment of disabled people is common would be an understatement. 

The Iraq war veteran Esteban Santiago has been charged for the killing of five airline passengers and wounding of six more at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida. If convicted, the offence carries a maximum punishment of execution. He has already admitted to carrying out the attack. George Piro of the FBI said, "We continue to look at all angles and motives and at this point we are continuing to look at the terrorism angle." 

I'm ashamed of how desensitised I've become to the mass shootings in the USA. What more can be done with Donald Trump's biggest financial backer was the NRA? This particular shooting is another that shows how quickly some perpetrators are to be called "terrorist" by the media depending solely on the colour of their skin. It also raises further questions regarding the support for veterans when they return from service.


Lola Okolosie wrote this critical piece about the "funny" news story circulating on social media this week regarding a Japanese man who didn't speak to his wife for 20 years.

After finally getting on ok, Japan and South Korea have had a falling out after a statue of a "comfort woman" was erected in front of the Japanese embassy. Read about it here.

NYPD came out with this mess of a statement after sex attacks went up 62% in Greenpoint. 

Jasmine Botchey wrote this amazing article about why "black people can't swim".

The New York Times interviewed some of my acting and writing heroes and asked them about working in Hollywood when you're not a straight, white male.

Shona guest posted for Tara over at Cattitude & Co, myth busting the sex lives of disabled people.

That's it for the first edition of Foxy News! See you next Sunday!

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