Lizzo's Voice

I'm lazy when it comes to discovering new music; I like it to come to me. Spotify continued to prove they know me well when they slipped 'Paris'  by Lizzo into my 'recommended for you' playlist. She can rap and sing. I was instantly smitten.

Not only are my choices in music slanted towards male singers and performers, there's definitely a huge gap where women of colour should be. Letting music come to me isn't an option any more. I need to go out and find these ladies.

Her fate as a firm favourite of mine was sealed when I saw the music video for 'Good as Hell'It's what Meghan Trainor would be if she had a brain in her head. It also, sadly, made me realise what a novelty it is to see a big group of black women in one music video when they're not decoration for men (or Taylor Swift...OOH, BURN). More of this please.

 I recommend going through Lizzo's back catalogue on Spotify or YouTube. It's so varied, from serious rap to light and fluffy pop (the hardest genre to pull off, in my book). And her video for 'My Skin' is the most raw and beautiful performance I've seen in years. Please get behind her!

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