Marina's Voice

Last week, I had an epiphany. I walk the feminist walk, but I don't talk the talk when it comes to my music. Flicking through Spotify, I realised that most of singing voices I listen to on a daily basis are male voices. That's not ok, when there are so many amazing female performers out there!

So, this is the start of a new feature on this here blog. Every month, I'll be putting up a playlist of a female artist that will enrich your ears and your life. Some of them will be mainstream gals that you should be reminded of and hopefully we'll discover some new artists together.

So, with a flourish (and a dose of neon), I present...Marina and the Diamonds.

I saw Marina back in February and I've been a fan of hers ever since the video for Hollywood came out. All of her albums have really specific themes - when she told management she wanted to pretend to be a different person for one of them (Electra Heart), she was told "no" but pushed it and it was a success.

I feel like her Oxford Address really sums her up as a person and artist. She wrote the song 'Savages' about rape culture and I hope she's going to continue being political. When I saw her live, I couldn't believe what a goddess she was. Even though she's slim with big boobs and some of her costumes were pink latex, it wasn't for the boys, it was for US. It was something fun for us, and I felt genuinely inspired to have even more fun with my style.

Here is your Marina and the Diamonds starter playlist!

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