Absence - an update

Unless you're a pro, blogging is just a series of posts apologising for your absence (which people probably barely noticed anyway). I have a really good excuse for my erratic posting over the last few months so thought it was about time I did a wee catch up post to let you know what I've been up to. 

Lossiemouth beach.jpg

I got a new job and moved house

Six years after I graduated as a journalist, and rejection after rejection, I finally got a communications job. My interview was the day before I flew to Australia in March and I had to do a presentation over the phone because the snow was too bad for me to attend in person and their Skype wouldn't work. There was also a written test and then the actual interview, so it was pretty tough.

It's with Perth & Kinross Council, three hours away from where I live with Mike...but only half away from my mum and dad so I'm staying with them during the week and coming up and down the road at weekends. It's not fun but I think it's given Mike and I an odd little boost because we're planning our weekends together. It's just a temporary contract so I'll be looking for another job at the end of the year but hopefully this is my foot in the door of the industry I've been trying to get into for so long.


I finished writing my book

I keep going on about this one but I'm going to allow myself to toot my own horn because it's such a big achievement! It's just the first draft so there's a lot of work still to be done, as well as starting the process of flogging it to a literary agent, but I think I have something really good here to start moulding into a proper book.

I'm an auntie!

Mike's sister Claire had a wee boy a week and a half ago and I'm so chuffed that I'm finally an auntie. She's hard as nails, describing childbirth as "Sore, obviously, but nae that bad" and Mike, who couldn't seem to get excited about the arrival of his nephew, has been overcome with emotion since the little man was born. I just need him to start growing so we can introduce him to Star Wars and get him a mountain bike!

Brodie anxiety.jpg

Dealing with an anxious doggo

Last September, a guy on a motorbike kept driving up and down and up and down our road and Brodie was terrified of it, hiding under the bed whenever it went past and eventually refusing to leave the house at all whenever she heard it. It took a lot of work and we finally got her back to almost-normal but she's had a huge relapse recently. It's not even noises that set her off, but just sometimes she's happy to walk and other times she's extremely stressed and anxious but (it appears to us) for no reason at all. She's an intelligent, sensitive little soul and it's extremely frustrating and time-consuming when she doesn't want to walk, especially since Mike's all alone Monday to Friday now. 

A Film Club.jpg

The "A Film Club" zine was released

I wrote a piece for Sian's zine about 18 months ago and then it sat on a shelf while she dealt with her mental health issues. It's finally here and I really can't believe how good it is - the artwork is absolutely tremendous. I wrote about my love of Singin' in the Rain (Debbie Reynolds in particular) and the accompanying illustration made me cry. It's cheap as chips and all of the profits go to a mental health charity so I encourage you to buy a copy


I'm one of JCI Scotland's 10 Outstanding Young People 2018

The lovely Elaine who runs Aberdeen Soup heard my podcast episode with Ica at Creative Me and decided to nominate me for this incredible award. I went to Edinburgh to collect it and spoke absolute nonsense when I was interviewed on stage but it was a brilliant night. There were people who'd started skincare businesses, charities, beat cancer and then little ol' me so I felt a bit of a fraud!