Wandering in Hong Kong: A photo diary

So, there aren't really any pictures of me in Hong Kong because it was unusually humid for this time of year, which meant I was unusually shiny and sweaty for the majority of the trip! Plenty pictures on the way from me in Melbourne but for now, here is a wee photo diary of the non-touristy wandering Lily and I enjoyed a lot. 

Because Hong Kong is an ex-UK colony (where isn't, tbf...ugh) it was really easy to navigate but it also means a lot of the brands from home were everywhere. There was a Marks and Spencer round the corner from our hotel and Starbucks everywhere. It's sad that all the same corporations have taken over the major cities but just seems part and parcel of our world getting smaller. Lily found a different independent coffee shop for us to eat breakfast in every morning and I think Muji was the only recognisable shop we set foot in when we were there! I can't wait to go back and do more exploring; I feel like I just scratched the surface.

Coffee corridor.jpg
Hong Kong blossom.jpg
Hong Kong Gardens.jpg
Hong Kong Island.jpg
Sleeping doge.jpg
Street 5.jpg
Tea House.jpg
Waving cats.jpg
Cow selfie.jpg