Five TV shows to watch this autumn

God, it’s shit trying to get up in the morning at this time of year, isn’t it? For the sake of one more night with Mike, I leave for work at 5am on Monday morning. In the summer, it wasn’t so bad; the sunshine was already in full beam when I said goodbye to Brodie and sang along to Adele Roberts on Radio One to keep myself awake. But now, it’s pitch black for the first hour of my journey (and usually drizzling).

But there are the good things too; dark mornings mean dark evenings and hopping straight from office wear to pyjamas and binge-watching box sets feels more acceptable than it does in the warmer months, when you’re supposed to be productive all the time.

I have selflessly watched loads of television this year, some good (see below) and some not-so-good (I wasn’t blown away by Bodyguard…soz BBC). Here’s what you should be spending your time on this autumn when you have a hot water bottle on your tummy and hopefully a dog or cat to cuddle.


Evil Genius

This is one for those of you who loved Making a Murderer (and if you haven’t seen that, ignore this list and watch that first!). I really don’t want to give anything away, but it’s in the same vein; a mystery to be solved. It’s only a handful of episodes long and I thought it was going to be tied up in a neat little bow at the end. I was wrong.

Watch the trailer here.


The Good Fight

Again, if you haven’t seen The Good Wife, where have you been?!

The Good Fight is a spin-off of The Good Wife and…* takes deep breath *...guys, I really think it might be better than The Good Wife. It covers feminism, racism, the Trump administration, morality, police brutality and corruption, abortion…it’s incredible. But yeah, you should watch The Good Wife first. So you can watch this. And then follow this Twitter account that just shows Christine Baranski doing things.

Better call Saul.jpg

Better Call Saul

I can’t think of a single spin-off show I’ve even bothered to watch other than The Good Fight (I find Frasier tedious) and I wasn’t too thrilled about Better Call Saul. I loved Breaking Bad, but not quite on the level everyone else did; it would probably struggle to make my Top 20 TV shows. So did I care what the back story of this minor character was? No. Couldn’t give a toss tbh.

Four seasons in and I am completely sucked into this other part of the Breaking Bad world. It happened so subtly, I didn’t even realise I was hooked. The show has so many interesting details (everything means something), the dialogue is incredible, the characters’ motives make perfect sense because they’re perfectly fleshed out. It’s a work of art.

Watch the trailer here.



Mike watched this without me (one of the problems with living three hours apart) and when I got home that weekend, he said: You have to watch this. He’d just finished it but had no problem watching it all over again with me.

It follows the department of the FBI that first investigated serial killers…except there were no such thing as serial killers because the name hadn’t been coined yet. It forces you to rethink everything we know about serial killers (if you’re in to that sort of thing like I am!) because they’re such a normal part of our culture now, and really pick apart the psychology. One of those shows that has you going, “Aw, just one more episode!” at 3am when you have work that day.

Watch the trailer here.

killing eve.jpg

Killing Eve

I’ll be honest, I’m not as obsessed with this show as other people are. There was just something missing in it for me I can’t quite put my finger on. But the cast is incredible, the costumes are incredible and the script is really strong. They’ve managed to make a psychopathic killer a strangely sympathetic character, which is tricky to pull off. If you have to choose between this and Bodyguard when flicking through the BBC iPlayer, choose this. And avoid hearing Jodie Comer’s real accent until after you’ve watched the whole thing - you’ll never guess where she’s actually from!

Watch the trailer here.

Lauren Aitchison