Soundtrack of my life

My boyfriend doesn't listen to music. His iPod is full of podcasts about serial killers and politics, which he listens to when he's driving to work or out training for the ultra marathon he's running next year. He finds the general population's love of music very peculiar and doesn't understand why I listen to it when I cook or get ready to go out.

I find music to be a bit like food; we are heavily influenced by what our parents fed us, whether it's angel delight or the Stone Roses and we feel nostalgic for it for the rest of our lives. I love hearing about other people's musical journeys, and so I decided to share mine after reading Olivia's post earlier in the year. I scribbled down some categories and put my iTunes library on shuffle. This is the result.

NME blink182.jpg

First song I fell in love with - Losing my Religion by R.E.M

In the 90s, our house was filled with my mum's favourite artists like Kate Bush, Adam and the Ants and ELO. Another of the bands on rotation were R.E.M, who I finally saw live at T in the Park in 2008. They broke up shortly after, so I'm glad I did it while I had the chance. "Losing my Religion" is probably the first song I knew all the words to, even though I didn't know what it was about (and still don't really).

First album - "S Club" by S Club 7

I was unashamedly a huge S Club 7 fan and they were the first band I ever saw live. I probably still know all the words to the songs on this album and can still break out into full dance routines after a few pints of wine.

Song that got me through a hard time - The Greatest by Sia

I know I never mention it (sarcasm alert) but when I was going through my domestic abuse court case last year, I made a playlist to gear me up for giving evidence in court and having to face my ex. I'd go running and listen to lots of feminist, kick-ass songs, one of which was The Greatest by Sia. The court case was all about having to keep going and the lyrics, "Running out of breath, but I've got stamina" really helped me on the days I wanted to pack everything in. 

Song that reminds me of being a teenager - Just a Day by Feeder

I was born in 1989 (yes, I'm the same age as The Simpsons) so the music that came out when I was a teenager was absolutely cracking. I could have gone for Fat Lip, Complicated, In the End, Juneau, All the Small Things, Misery Business, Duality, Sugar, we're going Down, I Write Sins not Tragedies...

I chose Just a Day because I used to put it on at house parties and my friend Kirsty and I would throw ourselves around the room and headbang until our necks hurt. I freak out if it comes on when I'm on a night out. Such a good tune.

nme marina 2.jpg

Best gig - blink-182 @ Glasgow SECC, 2012

There have been a lot of gigs over the years but if you know me, you'll know blink-182 are my favourite band, so it couldn't be anyone else. I've seen them live three times but the second time was something special. They were back from their haitus and Tom and Mark had made up. They played two acoustic songs at the end, because that's how the band started; just the two of them in their bedrooms with acoustic guitars. I was physically high for a week afterwards. Of course, the joy didn't last and Tom fucked off again to look for aliens or some such bollocks but that gig will always be seared into my memory. 

Song to be heartbroken to - Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

God, it's such a good song to have an angry cry to.

Karaoke song - Froot by Marina and the Diamonds

I've never done karaoke and I have a less-than-lovely voice, but I would love to belt out Froot by Queen Marina if I got the chance! Does anyone want to do karaoke with me?

NME tickets.jpg

Song that makes me happy - Forest Whitiker by Brother Ali

My friend Euan sent me this song years ago, and I just fell in love with it. The lyrics are so self deprecating and give you a little confidence boost if you're having a down day about how you look. 

Album I listen to before a night out - As heard on radio soulwax pt 2 by 2 many djs

This is one of these albums that I never hear anyone talk about and you can only really hear if you buy the actual hard copy, because it's  not on iTunes or Spotify or even YouTube. It has the most bizarre mixes on it (Salt 'n' Peppa and Iggy Pop, anyone?) but they all work incredibly. Such a brilliant album.

Ultimate desert island disc - Graceland by Paul Simon

I know music is subjective, but I think Graceland is the best album ever made. Every song is catchy and clever and I don't understand what half of the lyrics mean but I don't care. I took my dad to see Paul Simon live two years ago because we've both always loved him and it was such a special experience. Close runners up would be blink-182's self titled album (I don't give  a shit that most of their fans don't like it) and The Last Shadow Puppets' first album The Age of the Understatement.

Please tell me what some of your choices would be in the comments below!

Lauren Aitchison