Hello, where have you been?

Four blog posts in over two months. When I have a glance at my stats now and again, the dips in my mental health are evident. But I'm pleased to report, that's not the reason for my absence on this occasion. Here's what I've been up to!

We had a general election! While chuffed for the results Labour got down south, we have been mourning the loss of Angus Robertson in Moray. You may have seen him at PMQs every week, giving Theresa May a hard time. He couldn't have been better at the job, but the Tories put up a "good" candidate in the form of Douglas Ross and so Angus has stepped down after 16 years. I'm still very upset by the whole thing, and that I'm living in a Tory constituency for the very first time! Ugh!

Keeping my promise to myself that I would read more this year, I spend my whole lunch hour glued to a book and read before bed as well. This book by Scottish author Gail Honeyman may be my favourite so far this year. It's the first time I've laughed out loud while reading since the Georgia Nicholson days and I found myself getting emotional because I was so happy for Gail and all the success she's going to have. Pick up a copy asap.

My best friend moved to Australia. Lauren and Kieran had a farewell barbecue (we all cried A LOT) and my favourite bit of the whole day was Lauren and I locking ourselves in the bathroom to apply glitter and talk about how much we love one another. I miss her terribly and the time difference makes things tricky, but I'll be out to visit next year.

One of my other best friends got married! Louise is the first person I ever spoke to in Aberdeen when I went to uni aged 17 and we've been pals ever since. The wedding was at Castle Fraser outside Inverurie (the last place she visited with her dad before he died) and was classic fairy tale with twists like an ice cream stand and a Lego cake made by the groom. I scrub up pretty good, right?

I caught up with friends. My other uni friends Lyndsey and Cathy stuck around after the wedding and we all went to stay with Cathy's parents in Perth. I basically got to cuddle dogs for three days while Cathy's mum topped up our wine and made margheritas. 

I went to Glasgow for the first time since Lauren went to Australia, and spent time with her group of friends there. It was really nice to feel part of a group but made me pine for her a bit. I interviewed an artist, tried a new gin, played Risk, had lunch with Ada and got very little sleep.

We've had Brodie for seven months now and I love her more and more every day. She's still not perfect around other dogs, though there is no rhyme or reason to which she loves and which she hates, but her confidence is improving constantly. When we first took her on, we accepted she might always have to be kept in the kitchen separated from the cats. She gives them a bit of hassle, as she's fascinated by them, but loves a good squish and nap on the bed with them too. We never thought we'd get there so it's such a relief. 

I went and started a magazine!

I had a bit of a meltdown deciding what I'm doing with my life. I wanted to do more political writing but every time I get involved in other people's projects, they fold for one reason or another. I know I'm not the cleverest. I don't have searing political analysis to give you or commentary pieces that will change the world. But I wrote a simple election piece for LAPP and got such a positive reaction that I decided it didn't matter. Maybe what I can give is a simpler version of politics. Everyone deserves to understand it, so I'm going to keep breaking down the complicated stuff.

Starting in the next week or so, I'll also have some interviews about social issues and the independent brands you should support! There will also be a newsletter with a roundup of content every week and some of the internet's best bits. Lots of exciting stuff.

You can visit the website HERE and follow us on Twitter HERE. 

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