Gordon Castle Highland Games

I did highland dancing for nearly 15 years, and I was pretty good too; mum has a box of my medals and trophies in the attic from the couple of summers we toured the local highland games circuit. If you don't like a decent highland games, they probably revoke your Scottish licence. There's food, drink, animals and big men in kilts.

The Gordon Castle games are particularly fancy, with the backdrop of the amazing architecture and walled gardens. It's also the home of Gordon Castle gin, a local favourite of mine. Their plum gin is particularly wonderful. Plum is such a nostalgic flavour that when I drank it, I was suddenly transported to my Granny MacDonald's kitchen with a piece of toast, watching a John Wayne film. Anyway, I digress.

I wore this blue vintage dress I got when I went to Iceland, along with my favourite ever ugly belt I found at the bottom of a box in a shop on Brick Lane a few years ago. It's a seat belt and the click it makes when you put  it on is so satisfying!

We watched dogs being trained and got to hold the puppy they had afterwards. I was nearly crying at how cute it was and it's the closest I've ever felt to broody in my life! We spent a few hours doing circuits of the grounds, watching live music and the highland dancers and, most importantly, eating a cheese toastie from the 'Melt' Aberdeen stand (visit them if you're ever up north!) and a portion of chips with cheap tomato sauce.