The Bothy

Being a vegetarian on the north coast of Scotland isn't easy, especially if you want to eat somewhere other than your own kitchen. It's farming and fishing country up here and as a farmer's daughter, grand-daughter and great grand-daughter, farming has a special place in my heart and family history. Luckily, we farmed raspberries not animals!

The Bothy in Burghead is a regular lunch spot for Mike and I. Like most places up here, the vegetarian options are few and far between no matter where you eat, so we opt for small cafes with locally sourced meat and fish, so we don't feel too guilty should the worst come to the worst. Our local fish and chip shop has a sign up with the name of the fishing boat the catches came from that morning. 

Mike had The Bothy Burger with their homemade tomato chutney. I ordered macaroni cheese, something I rarely eat, because it's never as good as my mum's! I was going to get a portion of chips too but was so glad I didn't; it was a huge portion. It came with proper salad, rather than the sad little iceberg lettuce with no dressing you tend to get! As always, I got a cake to take home with me; a coconut slice that I ate on the sofa while watching Mad Men this afternoon.

I'll do a vegetarian/cruelty free post soon. I find there's an assumption that we all go veggie or vegan for the same reasons, and I think Mike and I are less strict in some areas (see his burger in the photo above!) and a lot luckier in others because of where we live. It's very tricky to talk about without feeling like you're being judged, but I think it's important to be honest.

 I hope everyone's having a great weekend!