Living four hours north of Scotland's capital means I don't exactly have my finger on the fashion pulse. I rely heavily on the blogs I read to keep me up to date with new labels and trends, none more so than my pals Helen and Kimberley at Wardrobe Conversations, who share my love of vintage clothing and independent startups.

Since most of my clothes are already second hand, I made a resolution this year to support more women who are going out on their own and trying to create a brand from nothing. When I saw that Dreamland Clothing had a crowdfund going, I happily threw some spare change into their cap and bought a dress as well.

Anything that makes me feel like a 90s kid again has never been my jam. The big 3 - 0 isn't too far away now so I was there the first time around and it's like I'm playing dress up. Ruby Coyne's Saved by the Bell patterns are enough of a throwback for me that I can dip my toe in the trend and still feel like my adult self, even if my adult self does like a fluffy earring. Easily layered for Spring, I'll shed the top and tights come summer (and get my hands on more of the collection for sure).

Black lace up boots - H&M £7 (sold out)

Black lace up boots - H&M £7 (sold out)

Lauren Aitchison