Life through a lense

We're into March, the first month of the year people say, "Oh my goodness, the year's flying by already!" I've already had so much on my plate that it seemed like a good time to take stock and let you know what's been going on with me recently. 

I've fallen a little more in love with home

Spring, springing around here and I'm doing a little dance of happiness every time I leave the house before 9am and it's still light. Brodie is forcing us outside even more than before, which means lots of walks on the beach. I've moved house a lot (13 times since I was 17) and to still feel at home in Moray after being here for a year and a half is a big deal for me, the girl with itchy feet.

My sister and I had our first night out

At the ages of 24 and 28, my sister Mairi and I finally had a night out together. We met halfway in Aberdeen and returned to my teenage haunt of Exodus for a night of drinks and dancing to Head Automatica, Blink-182 and Feeder. I managed to (mostly) avoid bumping into old flames and happily ended the night merry on just enough gin, with a cup of tea and chips in bed. 

The next morning, we headed to Rye & Soda for brunch. I'm vegetarian with a hint of vegan; I don't keep milk, butter or supermarket eggs in the house. I do, however, eat eggs from my pal Kerry's hens. I'm lucky enough to be able to see how happy and healthy they are and if they lay, they lay, and if they don't, we just go without. Rye & Soda source loads of their food locally, including their eggs, and after a chat with local food bloggers, I was more than happy to indulge in some poached eggs on toast. 

I got the flu

After months of looking forward to it, I booked a trip down south: Two nights in Glasgow, two nights in Liverpool and two nights in Manchester visiting friends and relaxing. By the time I got off the bus in Glasgow, I felt horrendous but since I'm from farming stock, I bought Lemsip and told myself it was nothing a hot shower and a good night's sleep couldn't cure.

My best friend Lauren is a chef and took me out for lunch to her work, the West End restaurant Ubiquitous Chip (see stunning dessert below). I could hardly keep my eyes open during the meal. We were supposed to meet friends for dinner but since Ada has a wee baby at home, passing on the flu didn't seem like the smartest plan. I went home to sweat and vomit all night, with Lauren as my loving nurse, before getting a train home the next day. Mike promptly set up the sofa bed in the living room and quarantined me! 

All of my travel and accommodation was non-refundable, which is a bitter pill but just one of those things. I'm off to London next weekend, which will have to be doubly good to make up for it!

I got a new job

I had a job interview the day I headed to Glasgow last week, still within the council but back in customer service. Some of my colleagues, and the fact the office is mostly male, make my current job quite stressful. I'd been naively hoping it would improve but, if anything, it's gotten worse. I never thought I'd miss working with the public but it's what I'm good with and I'm looking forward to doing something I'm good at again.

Working for the council is obviously not my dream job when I'm a qualified journalist but since journalism, and writing in general, is probably not going to happen for me, it's a decent gig. I'm at that age where I've started appreciating pension schemes and bank holidays and this job gives me that, even if it doesn't get the creative juices flowing. 

The court case still isn't fucking over

As I wrote last month, I'm coming to the end of a domestic abuse court case. It was supposed to be over by now but I've just got to hold on for another month. I wrote a thread on Twitter about the current Scottish legislation on domestic abuse and how it affects victims.


Lauren Aitchison