Five things that happened in 2017

What an odd year 2017 was. When I watch superhero films, I always end up siding with the baddie ("Humans are shit! Let us all die!") and 2017 was the year my cynicism started to feel totally justified. But some good things happened for me personally, and in this bizarre time we're living in, every personal victory should be celebrated. Here are five (good) things that happened to me in 2017.

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My court case ended

Having a birthday at new year means it's always a doubly fresh start for me. I'll be entering the last year of my 20s, a prospect that would make most people anxious as 30 looms, but I'm very excited. I met my ex partner when I was 19 and he was sentenced for domestic abuse charges in April, which means next year is the first year of my 20s that will have nothing to do with him.

Taking him to court is one of the best things I've ever done, but was also the worst experience of my life in a lot of ways. I want to keep supporting other victims through my writing, but I also feel like it's time to move on. It's three years since Scott and I broke up and with my recovery complete, the abuse has become completely irrelevant in my own life. Reading my friend Sarah's blog post Why I'm not writing about my trauma any more has really spurred me on to make this change. So I'll still be writing about domestic abuse in an informed way (as I did HERE about JK Rowling's recent statement) but branching out into other areas a bit more.


I launched Bimbo Magazine

Hilariously, my magazine went on hiatus not long after it launched; writing my book and running a magazine and a blog at the same time is apparently too much for one person! Who knew?! With the first draft of my book complete, I'm hoping to bring Bimbo back as soon as possible in the new year. I'm not expecting it to really go anywhere, it's just an outlet for my political interests and a place to keep practising my writing. You can check it out HERE.


I went veggie

After a few setbacks with my health last year, I officially went vegetarian this year. I've had a bit of meat here and there; not being allowed bread can be very limiting sometimes when I'm out and about, and if I sometimes have to make the choice between bread and meat, the meat wins. 

I've switched to soya and rice milk for my cup of tea, and dairy free Flora. I've cut way down on cheese but I'll admit it's not completely out of my diet. 2018 will be about working towards veganism as much as possible now I've identified the areas I've struggled in when becoming vegetarian.


I started loving my body

Ok, maybe I'm not loving my body yet, but I'm treating it nicely. I've joined the gym and it's the first time I've done it because I just want to move. When I run on the treadmill, it's about pushing myself and beating the time I got last time (but if I don't, it doesn't matter!) and not about how slim my thighs look. I know there's a slight hypocrisy there somewhere, since weight loss will be an inevitable outcome of going to the gym four times a week, but since that's not the intention, I'm alright with that.



I can't believe it's been a year since Brodie unexpectedly landed in our lap. When she came to us, there was a real possibility she would have to constantly be shut in the kitchen, away from the cats, and never be walked off the lead for the rest of her life. She's a completely different dog now. She's developed some anxiety since she was scared by a loud motorbike a few months ago but we're getting there with some changes to her routine and lots of treats. It maybe sounds ridiculous but she's one of my best friends now; she's so much fun and she's been incredible for my mental health. It's time for some puppy spam! 

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