Scottish tattoo artists to book a spot with in 2018

When it comes to new year's resolutions, 'get more tattoos' is as much of an annual occurrence for me as 'drink more water'. 

After starting my half sleeve last year, I'm itching to add to it and here are four tattoo artists I'm hoping to get a space with so I can do just that. 

Deborah Pow


I was tattooed by Deborah a year ago, in the basement of the Den of Iniquity tattoo parlour in Edinburgh. She doesn't shy away from the odd, inking everything from cute little animals to eyeballs. I could have a whole sleeve done just by her tbh, and am going to cook up something for her to add to my forearm before the year is out.

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Ellie White


Ellie tattooed my sister last year (that's her 'Queen Bee' on the right, there!). I love how detailed her large floral pieces are, and since she works at Inkredible Kreations in Perth, it's inevitable she'll tattoo me sooner or later. I got my first tattoo there when I was 18 and always drift back for another, like this 'knowledge is porridge' tattoo I got a few months ago!

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Danielle Rose


I was lucky enough to be tattooed by Danielle about seven years ago (again, at Inkredibles) before she went freelance and became impossible to pin down as she zipped all around the UK tattooing her beautiful portraits of women. She's settled down in Dundee with her own shop, Sanctuary, so get her now in case she decides to bugger off again. 

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I've known Susan for 10 years now; our boyfriends lived together when we were teenagers. The relationships didn't last but our drunken nights out in Aberdeen did. She finished her art degree and after her apprenticeship, settled at Owlcat Artist Collective. She's another oddball (if you follow her on Instagram, you'll notice she really likes bats) and I need her to tattoo me this year so I can prove what an early lover I was of hers.

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Lauren Aitchison