My November

November always feels like a bizarre sleigh-ride into December, the month between Hallowe'en and Christmas shopping that I spend making sympathetic faces at the girls in Costa. I can't believe you have to listen to Christmas music all day already. 

This month's been a strange turning point for me. I finished the first (very scrappy) draft of my book and actually posted a few pieces on the blog. Here's what else I've been up to...

Collaborated with Wardrobe Conversations

Lauren Autumn Outfit 19.jpg

By 'collaborated', I mean I begged Kimberley and Helen to let me appear in one of their 'Be Our Guest' posts. I discovered their blog about 18 months ago and now have the privilege to call them friends. They're a tremendous double act and all-round wonderful people who really support other bloggers. 

I think Kim had a really strong idea of what she wanted the photos to look like but it was just so damn windy in Princes Street Gardens that day that almost all of the leaves were gone and I was the most awkward poser ever! She worked with what she had and I hope she and Helen are pleased with how the photos turned out.

Check out Wardrobe Conversations and follow Helen and Kimberley on Twitter and Instagram!

Appeared on the Creative Me Podcast


I love the sound of my own voice so when I saw Ica Headlam was looking for interviewees for his new podcast, I volunteered my services as bletherer extraordinaire. It's a long 'un so feel free to zip here-and-there on the timeline as we talk about journalism, racism and domestic abuse. I'm a bit "" but it's my first ever interview so I hope I'll just get better. Listen here!

Got involved with Uncool Girl


A few months ago, I responded to a tweet asking if any women had something to say about porn. I did (I know, what a total shocker) so I emailed my pitch to a group of likeminded feminists, and Uncool Girl was born. It's a collection of pieces that answer the questions we wish we'd known the answer to as young teens. I'm just one contributor, a little cog in the wheel but when I see some of the other writers involved, I have to pinch myself. 

We're being published through Unbound, which means a long slog crowdfund the money, but they're an incredible company and it will be worth it in the end.

You can follow Uncool Girl on Twitter and Facebook, and see what we're all about here!

What am I up to in the last month of 2017? I'm off to Aberdeen tomorrow to be interviewed by a journalism student about domestic abuse (I told you I never shut the fuck up about it) and I'll be vlogging for the first time in ages. I'll be trying to power through a less scrappy version of my book, and then there's the little matter of Baby Jesus' birthday...

Lauren Aitchison