Losing my style mojo

I've been scrapbooking from magazines since I was a teenager. Second hand shopping can be overwhelming on eBay, and now Depop, without concise search terms; having pictures of items I dreamed of owning reminded me of the ideal wardrobe I was working (and spending) towards. Along with my other shopping 'rules' (all clothes should make me do a happy dance), the scrapbook means I've never had to clear out my wardrobe. It's only filled with pieces I adore.

I don't know if it's turning 28 and officially being in my late 20s but I have fallen out of love with my clothes. I flip through them and feel nothing towards pieces that once meant so much to me. I pulled out handfuls of hangers and put them in a bin liner for my sister. I usually have an internal monologue in my head that rattles off clothes I can't wait to own and imagine wearing them in front of ex boyfriends to make them seeth. It's my favourite thing to think about in the shower.

I decided to go back to basics and trawled WH Smith for magazines. I ordered the book The New Garconne and read about masculine tailoring. I have come to a terrifying realisation. I think I want a more minimal wardrobe.

I am known for so not minimal dressing. I have a belt that's made from a seatbelt and covered in bottle caps. If it's not brightly coloured or covered in a so-bad-it's-good pattern, get it away from me. I've found myself looking at block colours and horror of horrors, black clothing. I'm going to find my mojo again in black lace and leather trousers. I'll be revamping my wardrobe with emphasis on the 'vamp'. I can't wait to get my mojo back.

Lauren Aitchison