Federal Cafe, Manchester

Federal Cafe Manchester exterior

Breakfast cereal and biscuits were their own food group when I was growing up. If the Aitchisons can find a way to fit more carbohydrates into a day then you can be sure we'll manage it. Coco Pops and Bran Flakes were my favourite and I consumed (I'm not exaggerating) 5/6 bowls every day. 

Well, when the new low GI diet came in, it was goodbye to breakfast cereal and farewell to toast. Just so I can avoid diabetes in later life. It's too cruel.

When I stayed over in Manchester recently, I fancied taking myself out on a breakfast date...but where? I knew proud Mancunian and breakfast-lover Megan Ellaby would have a good recommendation and she really came through with the goods - Federal Cafe.

Federal cafe map
Federal cafe avocado smash

I went for the Avocado Smash: Two poached eggs, smoked salmon and avocado on toast. I was a good girl and followed my 'one slice rule', leaving one piece of toast. It was pretty reasonable too - I think I was £12 for that plus my coffee, which for a dish with a pile of smoked salmon is fine by me. I had more avocado than I knew what to do with and it was the nicest coffee I've ever had.

Federal Cafe latte
Federal cafe interior

It was 9am and the staff were frazzled but really smiley and polite. I could have sat there with a book all morning (and all evening - they're open late for cocktails). Thanks for the recommendation, Megan! Where's your favourite place for a breakfast date?

Federal Cafe Manchester Avocado smash