When I started reading blogs about five years ago, it was street style and outfit posts that filled my feed, as well as the various incarnations of this blog. There's a reason it's called The devil wears tartan! I tend to have a cull once a year, as some people quit writing, never to return or my own tastes and interests change. I rarely follow new style blogs these days, preferring to stick to my familiar friends like In my Sunday best and Pages by Megan who have never let me down.

I can't remember where I found Jess from I am Foxxtailz or, to be honest, why I fell for her fashion choices in the first place. She manages to be sporty and punk at the same time, a look I could never pull off. The main component of a lot of her outfits are leggings, which like denim, I do not own. But she's so raw and sincere in her writing, she drew me in.

When heading out for lunch on Sunday, I felt a sudden desire to take some outfit photos. This stripy Missguided dress has sat unworn in my wardrobe for a year. Every time I've taken it out, I've felt it cling to every lump and bump and hung it back up again. This time, I thought of Jess and how open she is about her body hangups and how far she's come to push through them. So I put the dress on, as well as my Underground creepers as a little homage to her. I hope I can use that strength every time I want to push through my low self esteem, even to do something as simple as put on a stripy dress.

Lauren Aitchison