Lauren does London

When I moved to London three years ago, the only person I knew was my mum's cousin Rosemary and she was a "proper" adult who had a husband and toddler and always had salad on the table with dinner for no reason like all middle class grownups do.

A girl I'd met very briefly on a long weekend to London the year before, tweeted me to say she'd take me out when I arrived. My friendship with Hannah was born and the next 12 months were filled with burgers and cinema visits. She introduced me to Lily and Sophie and they made being completely skint the whole time I was there completely worth it.

Hannah turns 30 in October but she'll be off gallivanting to Japan so decided to throw an early birthday party over the English bank holiday weekend. It turned out to be Vix Meldrew's and Jess's birthdays when I was down that weekend too, which is how I ended up at three blogger birthday parties in three days. 

I decided to vlog and you can watch the footage I accumulated HERE. I basically kept forgetting to vlog (and maybe got too drunk to vlog at Hannah's all-day barbecue...) but I'm proud of the footage I got. If you like it too, remember to subscribe!

Here are the random photos I took over the weekend. Being in London always feels a bit like being home (but I prefer the price of my rent and G&T up here in the north!) I'm so sad that I'm only meeting some of these wonderful people now I've moved away but I'll be back down to visit soon. Thank you to Hannah, Vix and Jess for inviting me to be a part of their day and the other guests at the parties who helped me drown in prosecco and gin. You rule.

You may recognise this oven glove from  Vix Meldrew's YouTube channel ...I felt like I was meeting a celebrity!

You may recognise this oven glove from Vix Meldrew's YouTube channel...I felt like I was meeting a celebrity!

Lauren Aitchison