Ten years ago, I unexpectedly got into Aberdeen University and stayed in catered halls, individual rooms like barracks near the River Don. I shyly left my door room open, hoping someone would talk to me and they did. A tall, Welsh woman asked if I wanted to get some dinner and we've been friends ever since. Over freshers week, we added a red headed Scot, a loudmouth Mancunian and a skinny medical student from Shropshire. 

I left for home during the Christmas holidays, but my friends were impossible to shake. We've moved to the four corners of the UK (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Manchester and Cardiff) and with three teachers working in different school systems with different holidays, getting together is more and more difficult every year. We managed to arrange a long weekend near Longleat Safari Park then two days in Cardiff. It meant a flight to Manchester for me in the smallest plane I've ever been on! 

I've never had any urge to visit Stonehenge (it's so far away!) but it ended up being a really good day out, despite the sunburnt shoulders and boobs I'm now sporting. I was really surprised but how much has been worked out about Stonehenge by now; I was still under the impression we had no idea what it was for but that's not the case! 

Louise will be married this time next year and with some of the group turning 30 soon, the possibility that there will be the pitter patter of tiny feet in our lives had us worried these reunions will be fewer and farther between. We've made a pact to still meet once a year (at Centre Parks where they have kids clubs to dump the little one) no matter how the group expands into the next generation. Hey, that's life.

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