#GGEvent 2016

You know, if you’re born a woman all these things happen to you... It’s a constant opera with masks keep falling to the floor throughout your life. Who am I? I don’t know!
— Dylan Moran

My 20s have really been about the big question: Who am I? I've blogged under various titles, floating aimlessly before giving up. Bolstered by new confidence last year, I moved to Squarespace and 'the devil wears tartan' was born in its current form. At new year, I wrote about the mental health issues that affected me for most of 2015 and my blog finally moved in the direction I'd always wanted.

Meanwhile, Jemma was founding The Girl Gang, a collective that has, without exaggeration, changed my online experience, my blogging and my life. Some of the women I've crossed paths with have affected me down to my bones. Despite the current cracks in the blogging "community", The Girl Gang has been a shoulder to cry on when needed.

On Thursday, I got to meet people whose Twitter handles I recognise as well as my own. It was also the first time I've had people approach me to say nice things about the blog (Jess and Lilly - you made my day!). Jemma and her little helpers should be so proud of themselves. It was such a chilled afternoon, for us at least, and the goody bags we received were insane! Most importantly, we raised over £350 for a homeless charity.

I don't like to single people out, but the women who have shaped me this year should know it. Tara and Holly have changed the way I want to write and my posts on bad sex and slut shaming would never have been published if not for their examples of brave, feminist content.

Sophie and Brooke have always been at the other end of a DM to talk about anything (literally anything), no matter how gritty and grotty. Sian too, with her peppy tweets on the really bad days, is a huge boost. I call her 'my little cheerleader' because that's exactly what she is!

And lastly, Jemma, who has given me this huge gift of inspirational creators and friends. She gives and gives us so much of her time and herself in a lot of ways and asks for nothing back. She's my hero. Here's to many more #GG events with my newly found partners in crime.

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