A walk along the cliffs

I hate stereotypes, but in the case of Scottish weather, the stereotype usually holds up. After a warm week in the office at work with all the windows open and fans on full, Mike and I planned a long walk on Sunday from Cullen to Sandend. Of course, I opened the blinds in the morning of my day off to pouring rain and sticky, humid air ("It's affy close" as we say in this neck of the woods).

We decided to chance our luck and drove to Cullen for lunch anyway, since it happens to be home to one of our favourite restaurants - Rockpool. As I munched down scampi and chips and Mike, a prawn and scallop burger with chilli mayo, the rain cleared and we decided to set off for Sandend.

Nobody has cleared the five mile coastal path in a while, so I was neck-deep in ferns for most of it! I took the opportunity to catch a few Pokemon and Mike and I discussed our favourite topics: Puppies and politics. If the Labour party want some advice, they know who they can call (although who's "they" any more? That party is a mess!)

Big geek that I am, I was thrilled to see the ruins of Findlater castle on the way, built into the side of the cliff in the 14th century. We didn't have time to stop, but I'll be back to explore more.

You can tell by my hair how humid it was! There's more than a little bit of Monica Gellar going on there! We hopped on the bus back to the car in Cullen and had a '99' as a reward for the hike. It was the first weekend I've had absolutely no plans in a long time. What a perfect way to spend it.

Lauren Aitchison