The only thing I love more than vintage shopping, is vintage shopping on holiday. I'm one of those wankers you'll hear say, "Oh, this old thing? I got it in Lisbon for £20." 

So, yeah, this old thing? I got it in Lisbon for £20. 

I've been obsessed with gingham ever since I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on repeat as a child (it's a musical about kidnap and there's a weird rape song in it, but darn it's catchy!) I spotted this dress hanging in a small vintage shop in Lisbon and fell in love with the lightning bolts and subtle shoulder pads. I have teeny shoulders and I'll take help any way I can get it!

Pastel polka dot socks - Asos    Classic black slip on Vans - Office

I've always been a Converse girl until my Star Wars Vans came along. I was scared of them falling apart from over-use so back in the box they went and I got these classic black Vans to replace them. And a pair of black, leather Converse because I'm Converse 'til I die.

Lauren Aitchison