When I was younger, we were poor. Not shoeless, Dickensian poor but empty-cupboards-towards-the-end-of-the-month-and-second-hand-clothes kind of poor. My mum did her best to hide it from us and she mostly managed.

We lived in West Lothian at the time and went through to Edinburgh for the day in the summer holidays. Mum had the brainwave of taking us to the National Museum of Scotland; it was free and I could look at the coy carp in the entrance hall or stuffed ostriches and giant crab for hours.

Around that time (for some reason), the museum started charging an entrance fee. We didn't have the money to get in so a security guard sneaked us in another door. I have never forgotten that kindness. I'd love to be able to tell him it stuck with me for over 20 years.

When Kimberley from Wardrobe Conversations told me there was an out-of-hours event on at the museum, I was so excited. There were new galleries opening (including one for fashion!) and we were going to get a sneak peak.


I decided to do another vlog in Glasgow and Edinburgh, which you can watch below. Please subscribe as there will be loads more on the way! It's definitely still very scrappy but it's early days I'm learning as I go and I really love doing them. Thank you so much to the National Museum of Scotland for having me!

Lauren Aitchison