Dust & Dance (all night long)

If you live with your significant other, you'll have learned two things by now:

You really, really don't know someone until you live with them.


It's all about compromise.

Both of these realisations came to me last year after a conversation with my boyfriend about glitter. Mike exists on a higher, grumpier plane than most of us anyway but I was still shocked at how enraged he became when the subject of bath bombs came up.

"They have glitter in them and once you have glitter in your life, it never leaves; it's like sand. I would have a bath. GLITTER. Then put my t-shirt on. GLITTER. I get in my car and then there's GLITTER on my seatbelt, so it transfers to every bit of clothing I wear for the next six months. I  HATE GLITTER. I WILL NOT HAVE IT IN THE HOUSE."


Dust and Dance

Glitter now only exists in the vacuum of my best friend Lauren's flat (and only if I promise to shower it all off me, yes I did it properly and it's definitely all gone). You may remember us getting all sparkly with Dust and Dance glitter to go and see Marina & the Diamonds back in February. I had such a good experience with them last time, I had to get my hands on some of the amazing new summer stock.

Dust and dance glitter selfie

This time, I went for the Blue Hexagons and a pot of UV Neon diamonds. I just dabbed my face with a bit of water first and they stayed on all night...all night loooooong....that's a Beyonce reference from her new album...because that's who we were off to see this time - Queen Bey!

Other good stuff about Dust and Dance:

1. The packaging is hella cute and this parcel even included a poem! I loved it!

2. The glitter arrives so quickly; within a couple of days for me, and I live up on the north coast of Scotland where things tend to take a bit longer to arrive.

3. The founder Claire (you can read her story here) gives 10% of the profits from Dust & Dance to the mental health charity 'Young Minds'.

4. The social media engagement from Dust & Dance is unreal. Claire always responds like lightning to anything D&D are tagged in and she leaves the nicest comments!

It's not even a sponsored post...I just have a pathetic crush on this company!

Lauren Aitchison