Last month, I asked Mike to meet me after work with a change of clothes so we could walk the ten miles along the beach from Lossiemouth to Kingston. He brought this pair of Miss Selfridge jeans - an impulse purchase from Depop...that did not fit me at all. I got stuck in them  on the floor of the disabled toilet at work and had a cry about the rubber ring of fat around my tummy.

Mornings spent puffing on three mile runs, weekend bike rides and my new (not fun) low-carb diet to stave away diabetes have knocked another half stone off. I wouldn't say these jeans fit exactly (I have to unzip them when I sit down...) but I'm on the right track!

This shirt was another Depop purchase. The cuffs are a wonderful detail and it's a perfect pairing with my Marks & Sparks hat. Thank you to my wonderful photographer Mike - he's really getting into this outfit post malarky!

Lauren Aitchison