Lauren's guide to happiness

I'll be honest - I don't have a cure for those truly miserable days. Sometimes nothing is going to pull you out of a funk except a long cry and a good night's sleep. 

No, this guide is for the on-the-cusp days and we have all been there. You have a night out that's been planned for ages but you feel chubby and gross and you don't have anything to wear! That annoying colleague is getting on your last nerve. You remember Donald Trump exists. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams still aren't together. You want to jump into the nearest swimming pool so you can scream underwater.

Here are lots of little snippets and tips to get you on your way to a cheerier day. It's basically my favourite things from the internet. Let's start off with a picture of a bear. Look at the precious paws! *squeals*

I LOVED the London Olympics back in 2012 and I still have this video of Peter Wilson winning his gold medal at the double trap shooting on my dash. His dad running to hug him gives me a lump in my throat every time! (Watch from 1.00)

If you're feeling like a rubbish person, this story about an ungrateful bride will make you feel like a saint!

It's EUROVISION THIS WEEKEND! If you are from outside Europe and aren't familiar with this display of camp dance moves and badly translated English singing, I pity you. Here is a compilation video to get you up to speed. For those like me, who enjoy the annual festivities with a few pints of wine, here is a drinking game. You are welcome.

These dirty illustrations from Mr Bingo, using postage stamps!

Loved this shade from Hannah Horvath in the last episode of Girls. 

Loved this shade from Hannah Horvath in the last episode of Girls. 

If you'd love some retail therapy but you're low on funds, I suggest two purchases: socks and bow ties. Both cheap as chips purchases that can really jazz up your wardrobe. I love these, these, this and this!

Listen to the Broad City theme and pretend your life is an awesome episode of that show.

Similarly, if you have to get dolled up and go out when you're really not feeling confident, put on lipstick and listen to "The boys wanna be her" by Peaches. You'll be ready to kick butt.

If you haven't read it already, here is my piece for Zusterchap about my relationship with running. If you think you're dreadful at sport and exercise, it might give you hope!

My beautiful friend Rosie made this tshirt following the Scottish election results...

Do you have any tips for days you're feeling blah? Share in the comments!

Lauren Aitchison