Ben Rinnes

If you asked me what I got up to at the weekend, the honest answer would usually be, "I drank gin and tonic in bed while scrolling through Twitter and watching RuPaul's Drag Race". As much as I struggle getting up for work at the moment, my routine-less weekends sometimes give my mental health a bigger knock and I almost start to miss the paperwork and coffee breaks.

So I peeled myself out of bed on Saturday morning, put on my newest Depop purchase and sunglasses, and Mike and I headed up the biggest nearby hill - Ben Rinnes.  

Ben Rinnes Moray
Ben Rinnes Moray
Ben Rinnes Beano jacket

I never forget how gorgeous Scotland is, but the view from Ben Rinnes is some Lord of the Rings-level amazingness! (I actually sang 'the lighting of the beacons' theme on the way up when I spotted the mountains in the distance...*nerd klaxon*).

Ben Rinnes summit
Ben Rinnes Moray mountains

The Beano jacket was one of many, MANY things I bought from Depop this month. It's from Philip Normal and it was £14.95 in the sale, so beyond a bargain in my opinion. I constantly read my dad's old Beano annuals growing up and the comic started in my local city of Dundee.

Mike and I walked 10 miles from Lossiemouth to home tonight, since I'll be away in Edinburgh this weekend. I have a feeling all these long walks are going to work a little magic into my weekends.