It's not me, it's you

I first bought this River Island jacket two years ago on Oxford Street, when I was living in south London. People always assume I was earning a lot more money back then; they seem to forget that the minimum wage is the minimum wage everywhere, including London! Almost 80% of my wages went on rent, bills and travel. Going to the cinema once a month or having a takeaway burrito for lunch was a huge treat for me.

I had to return the jacket, blinking back tears but fate had plans for me, when I stumbled upon it on eBay recently for £20, and in perfect nick (by stumbled upon it, I mean I checked eBay and Depop once a week for six months).

I returned to London, the scene of the coat-returning crime last weekend to eat brunch with my pals Sophie and Hannah. I was also armed with my favourite bag, an 'it's not me, it's you' favourite. It's on its last legs now after being worn to death for the last three years. The print is faded but the leather is still wearing in nicely. Typical!

Oh jacket, now we're finally together, let's never be apart. Is there anything in your wardrobe you had to scour eBay for or is it just me who does that?!

Lauren Aitchison