Loser Machine

About a year ago, I was invited to a leaving party of an ex-colleague...in London. It was only a few days away, but I booked myself a cheap megabus and got into Victoria station at 8am on Saturday morning. I crashed at a pal's that night and got back on the bus for another 12 hours of dozing and dealing with other people's bad personal hygiene. 

I get a lot more jittery about leaving home these days. Maybe it's because my mental health is shakier at the moment, or maybe I'm just getting older. Despite the monotony of a weekend in the local pub and sitting in front of the fire with my cats, leaving that safe place makes me nervous.

Which is why, last weekend, I went to Edinburgh to spend two nights with girls I had only ever spoken to on the internet...as you do.

Harvey Nicol's chocolate bar
Frankly Ms Shankly

After much WhatsApping, tweeting and sharing cute pictures of animals on Facebook, I went down to Edinburgh after work on Friday to drink gin and slide in wooly socks across Lucie's floor with Emily and Katie.

We talked veganism, bad shags, annoying flatmates and...well, we didn't really take any photos! Newsflash: That's what happens when you're having a really good time.  Lucie was the hostess with the mostest and I just felt totally at home the whole weekend. She's lived all over the place and has THE best stories - I could listen to her forever. 

I'm still feeling super bloated and awful so I packed my trusty Loser Machine top and new Asos fishnet socks and it's the best I've felt about myself in a while. 

Here are some snapshots from my glorious Edinburgh weekend.

Loser Machine top
Loser machine top Asos fishnet socks
Asos fishnet socks with TK Maxx brogues
Tribeca Edinburgh smoked salmon bagel
Blackbird Bar Bruntsfield Edinburgh drinks
Save a horse ride a cowboy cocktail
cinnamon raisin bagel anthropologie plate birds
Miss Selfridge animal print two piece
Lauren Aitchison