March on

Here are some snippets of what I got up to in March. April brings trips to Edinburgh, London and Glasgow, hormone tests and a vintage fair. Yipee!

1. I started morning running

I'm a morning person when it comes to getting my butt in the shower and a bit of toast down my throat, but not when it comes to actually doing stuff. I decided to set my alarm 40 minutes early for a week and fit in my run before work to see why people bother.

I grudgingly admit, I prefer it. My actual run is pretty poor compared to those I do at the weekends, but it keeps my diet and water intake in line for the rest of the day, and makes me feel all stretchy and amazing. And because I'm up a bit earlier, I always have time for eggs and smoked salmon when I get back, too. Win win.

2. I started decorating

It began with a box of wires. "Hey, you never know when you'll need those!" Mike protested. It lived in the hall, much to my annoyance....until my phone charger stopped working. Mike was practically giddy, as he opened the box and handed me a spare cable. He was equally as smug about the scart lead for the new television, and computer mouse when my laptop's touchpad malfunctioned.

So the box of wires has stayed, but stashed in the attic out of sight. I've cleared out everything else that doesn't have a use and added my own touches. The whole house needs redecorated, but these will do for now.


3. Spring woke me up

I love winter. To my insecure self, summer has always seemed to be for the skinny; In winter, I can hide away in layers. But this year, I was so over winter. I was sick of the sun going down when I was still having my afternoon tea break at work. Do you know how difficult it is to get blog photos done in Scotland during the winter?! Spring is perfect. The weather is cool and sunny and I fell in love with my village again.

4. I realised something wasn't right

My sister was diagnosed with a hormone disorder last year. After years of fighting with the NHS doctors for tests, she decided to go to a clinic in Surrey to have them done privately and confirm what she already knew: her body wasn't working properly.

I've always been 'the healthy one' of the family, but about a year ago, something shifted. After being on the same contraception for about six years, my skin became spotty and painful. I'm really tired all the time, no matter how much I sleep, my body temperature is all over the place and my mood swings are constant. I spoke to the clinic my sister had visited and they suspect I have the same hormone issues. So at the end of April, I'm off for hormone tests too and I really hope they sort me out.

What did you get up to in March? Aren't you so pleased that spring is here?!

Lauren Aitchison