Rip n Dip

I have a big head. It's the same circumference as a size 4 person's waist, as I discovered when working for Miss Selfridge on Oxford Street (my mum will also attest to the largeness of my head, and the stitches that resulted, poor woman). I tend to steer clear of buying hats on the internet, not quite trusting that the sizing will be right, but with beanies you can't really go wrong.

Technically, this is Mike's RIP N DIP hat but was one of those Christmas presents-that-was-sort-of-for-me-too...I know, I'm a terrible person.

I love knowing my clothes are coming from an ethical place, and with Rip n Dip making everything themselves in their studio in L.A, it was the cherry on the cake. I'm not cool enough to wear this as part of a 'proper' outfit, but it's perfect with a tartan shirt on a lazy Saturday afternoon - and a new way for me to tell people to fuck off thanks to this little cat's hidden hand gesture.

Rip n dip hat
Lauren Aitchison