What I did in February

After a melancholic February, I'm ending it on a high thanks to Mike, family, co-workers and an emergency trip to my counsellor one Tuesday. I've both cried getting ready for work in the morning and laughed hysterically with my sister while eating ice cream.  These are the things I have loved this month.


I got a train down to Pitlochry to meet my family and celebrate the adoption anniversary. We walked the dogs and had afternoon tea in a cafe that looked like a vagina- everything was a very certain shade of pink! 

My sister has recently been diagnosed with a hormone disorder, after years of fighting doctors and telling them, "I think it's my hormones",  before eventually deciding to go private at a specialist clinic. This is the happiest I've seen her in months and seeing her really lifted me.

Marina and the Diamonds

I'm simultaneously on a high from seeing her and sad I can't do it every day. I've been singing 'Blue' constantly in the shower and staring at pictures of her on tumblr. I'm also determined to work glitter into my everyday life.

The Bothy and a wedding favour

After visiting Duffus castle, Mike and I went to one of our favourite places to eat - the Bothy in Burghead. Always impossible to get a table, they managed to fit us in on a little church pew in the window where I filled up on a hot smoked salmon and crayfish salad (with a side of skinny fries, of course). 

My mum's friend Cathy got married in November and handed out fruit teas and engraved teaspoons as wedding favours. I've always been unsure of them, and still think they all taste like jelly but even if they do, what's not to like?

The story continues...

Sunday is still screenwriting day. I have never been happier than I am working on it in the pub with a cup of tea.

Lauren Aitchison