The skirt from Iceland

Last winter, my friend Rosie and I went to Reykjavik, where I proceeded to drag her into every vintage clothing shop there. I can never resist a good rake in a vintage store and I ended up coming away with this skirt (and a dress, which I can tell you were not easy to fit back into hand luggage!)

This skirt is in no way practical, so it's had very few outings but if you can't wear it on holiday in the French Alps, where can you?!  I usually throw on a tshirt and Converse to (somehow) make it more casual, but I also love it with this sheer Topshop blouse and brogues. Hmmm...maybe it is practical!

Iceland skirt alps 1
Iceland skirt alps 2
Iceland skirt alps 3
Iceland skirt Alps 4
Iceland skirt alps 5
Alps outfit
Lauren Aitchison