Comfort Zone

At first glance, my wardrobe would suggest that I have no "comfort zone" when it comes to buying clothes. It is a wall of bright colours, clashing patterns and almost no black. Actually, those things are my comfort zone. Look more closely and you'll see that my cupboard is made up of mainly dresses with long sleeves and a cinched in waist. 

This is the shape I always buy; as someone with a boyish frame and no curves to speak of, I need to fake it. My legs are my best feature and so I always walk past the floaty 70s rail in vintage shops and head straight for the 60s minis.

You've heard me rave about Megan Ellaby before and her A/W YouTube video on styling the gothic trend had me lusting after floor length frills. "That's not for you!" my brain told me. "We do short not long, and tight, not floaty! It'll look like a sack!"

When I saw this dress in H&M, it was everything I would never touch with a bargepole; long and floaty with a high neck. All wrong, wrong, wrong for me. I decided to try it on anyway and fell in love. I bought it because of how it makes me feel rather than how it makes me look. And it makes me feel amazing, not only because it's beautiful and comfortable but because it's pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Dress - H&M (sold out online) Shoes - River Island (Now on sale!) Coat - F&F by Tesco

Lauren Aitchison