A Pizza Revolution

Oh Revolution, we go back a long way... I had a first date there almost a decade ago, during which I got a little too tipsy on their famous cocktails and had to be put on a bus home by the poor lad (we stayed friends for eight years!). My college flatmate collected glasses there until the early hours every weekend and occasionally brought home flavoured vodka she'd been gifted for her hard work. When I was a student, pay day meant an evening in Rev rather than drinking £4 wine in my flat. It was a special event then and it's a special event now.

I recently joined a Facebook group for Aberdeen bloggers and I can't emphasise enough how lovely everyone has been to me. When Julia dropped us an email about a weekend event, she had us at "free pizza". Revolution, already masters of pub grub, were launching a new pizza menu and we were going to be the first to try it. A four hour round trip to Aberdeen seemed like a small price to pay for pizza, cocktails and good company.

Revolution's outdoor seating seems to get fancier and comfier every time I go, as you can see from Laura's blog post about the event. Apparently I was too busy drinking mojitos and stuffing pizza in my face to take pictures of anything else... We couldn't have been luckier with the weather; it could have been summer all over again.

For me, the ultimate test for a perfect pizza is a good ol' margarita. If you can't get that right, then it doesn't matter how many fancy toppings you put on it. Rev has it spot on, with a crispy but soft base and smooth mozzarella that was almost sliding off with the amount of tomato sauce on it - definitely a compliment, in my book. I'm a vegetarian but was sorely tempted by the Satay chicken pizza (below). I did sneak a few pieces of Fresco, as anything with onions and feta cheese needs to be in me asap.

The staff were amazing to us (and really excited to try the new menu themselves later!). Thank you so much for having us and everyone there who was so lovely to me when I was a bit nervy about meeting new people. I'll be back soon, Revolution. Here's to another decade of cocktail drinking.

You can find your nearest Revolution bar here and give them a follow on Instagram here. Their new menu launches tomorrow (12.10.2016).

Lauren Aitchison