Behind the Scenes in January

We all know that, to a certain extent, blogging is a bit fake. I don't talk about the awful week I've had at work that's led me to drink a gin and tonic at 6pm on a Thursday evening. The photos of my house are few and far between - it was last decorated when it was built and everything is beige. I spend most of my day in a portacabin.

So I thought at the end of each month, I'd do a little behind-the-scenes post. An insight into the bits of my life that aren't so clean and shiny and the silly things that have bugged me and been taking up my time.

1. I started decorating.

 As I said, mine and Mike's house is mainly beige, with some peach thrown in. He's lived here for over four years and it's definitely a man's house. A messy man's house. I took the first steps to make it clear that a woman definitely lives here!

2. The pharmacy changed my contraception

I was on the depo injection for years and years and suddenly my skin went from being trouble-free to full on acne last year so I went back on the Pill. I hate being on the Pill because I have the worst memory for taking it ever. You'd think if you do something over and over again every single day that it would become a habit, but no! 

I went to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy and it was a different box. The woman in Boots said, "Don't worry about it! This one is exactly the same!" IS IT HELL. My hormones have been all over the place and I've been picking 101 fights with Mike, poor lad. Let's hope my body calms down over the next week or two.

3. I've been writing a screenplay

Sunday is screenplay day. I go down to the pub, have macaroni cheese for lunch and camp out with a glass of wine and a notepad. A few years ago, my mum really started pushing me to write one and she hasn't let up. So I finally decided to get her off my back and crack on with one. I absolutely love it. I usually struggle with long-term projects because I have such a short attention span, but I've been working on it every weekend for weeks and amn't getting bored yet!

4. I've inherited the greatest gift in the world...a bag of hats!

We've been clearing out Mike's granny's house as she moved to a much smaller place, and a big box of hats was donated to me. I am THRILLED. Hats are my favourite thing in the world (apart from novelty mugs). Expect to see them in outfit posts very soon! 

Lauren Aitchison