The long bob

Hairdressers don't know what to do with my hair. It looks better short but it's so thick that it creates a perfect triangle shape. They tend to throw in layers around my face to thin it out, which leaves  me looking like a cocker spaniel. Then I despair and grow it out. I'm lazy and so I throw it up in a ponytail or a bun every day. And then I cut it off and the cycle begins again.

I went to Rachel at LCTG hairdressing in Elgin and I tell you, Rachel knows what's up. I've never had layers like this in my life. And I'll tell you what, my hair isn't even styled or blow dried. She twisted it into sections, left me to sit for 15 minutes and then ran her fingers through it. Job done. I'm a happy bunny. I finally have the long bob I've always wanted.

Long bob wavy hair
long wavy bob hair 2
long wavy bob hair hat earrings
Lauren Aitchison