Are we grown-ups yet?

My mother recently asked me a favour: Please don't tell Granny that you don't want children. She'd be very upset. I pointed out that my Granny is still in pretty good nick; I'm sure she'll work out that I'm not having children as she continues to live and they don't appear.

I turned 27 on Saturday, an age at which my mother was already married with a mortgage and a toddler (and baby number two soon to be on the way). My plans for myself all involve saving for a camper van, going to the Galapagos to see giant tortoises and trying every type of gin I can get my hands on.

It seems harder for my generation to draw the line where adulthood has officially begun. We're not owning our own homes yet or having kids yet. There's simply too many places to see and too much fun to be had first. In comparison with my lovely mum, I just don't have any responsibilities yet.

So I don't know when I thought I would officially be a 'grown up', but I suppose at 27 and therefore in my LATE TWENTIES, THE HORROR, this is it. I have a pension and an ISA. I make my own soup and chutney. I own a sensible waterproof jacket. On the other hand, I spent my birthday at an aquarium.

Now that I am a 'proper grown up', I have proper grown up thing on my to-do list for 2016. Here they are, folks:

Be a vegetarian

Mike and I have been vegetarians for about three months now but ate meat over Christmas, New Year and my birthday. Although I've enjoyed 'meat week', as we dubbed it, I don't feel like I gained anything by eating meat again and I'm more than happy now to go full whack and be a proper vegetarian. I'll start sharing some of my favourite recipes with you guys too.

Buy ethical cosmetics

After a lot of reading, I'm amazed at how many companies are still testing on animals. There are also places where lines are blurred; The Body Shop pride themselves on being an ethical and against animal testing, but were bought over by L'Oreal and entered the Chinese market, where random spot-testing is done on animals.

And it goes on and on! I'll probably get to the end of the year, barefaced and using a single bar of soap because I can't trust the corporations or The Man. But I'm going to try my best to find some super duper ethical products.

Do the North Coast 500

It's pitiful how little of Scotland I've seen and I'm going to remedy that in the summer by driving the North Coast 500. It's considered one of the most beautiful driving routes in the world and Mike and I will be finishing the trip with the Mountain Biking World Cup in Fort William. Speaking of...

Buy a bike

I haven't sat on a bike for over 10 years. Wish me luck please.

Write a script

My mother has been desperate for me to try screen writing for a few years now and she mentions it almost every time we talk, culminating in the purchase of 'Screen Writing for Dummies' for my birthday. I had never thought of it before but started putting some ideas together in December. I'd like to have my first draft done by the end of the year, which is a tall order. I don't care if nobody reads it- it's a project just for me. Not everything has to have a purpose and a point.

What are your goals for 2016?

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