Bonnie and Clive


I grew up with dogs. My parents have three of them, all mad as a brush. Everywhere I went, there were Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, Labradors and Alsations. Cats were dull to me, until my best friend got one and it woke me up at 4am by flinging itself at the curtains.

Mike came as a package deal. Clive, the black lump pictured above, is an attention whore. A few scratches under his chin and he was mine. Bonnie took a little longer. She left the room when I walked in. She wouldn't sleep in the bed with us at night.

The first time she crawled onto my lap when Mike was at work was a huge victory. She's kind of an odd one, is our Bonnie. She's a bit of an emo, walking around the house crying at us all day if she hasn't been fed or wants a cuddle. We look out the window to see her sitting and staring at the fence or hedge.

Clive is our big, butch cat. He sleeps during the day on the shelf where we keep the towels and goes out hunting at night. He generously brings birds or mice into the house and eats them at the corner of the bed at 3am. We are regularly woken by the sound of crunching. He likes to wrestle.

I would do anything for these little guys now. I'm very glad my relationship was a package deal.

Bonnie Clive
Lauren Aitchison