Country life

Birnie eggs.jpg

Some of my belongings were still in boxes from my move to Aberdeen in February. Four months after a date with a lovely ginger man over pulled pork and gin, I put these boxes in the back of his car and headed another 60 miles north to the coast in Moray. In less than a year, I've gone from working on Oxford Street in London, to living in a village that sells eggs from an honesty box.

I've been having these eggs for breakfast in the morning with asparagus and prosciutto ham. Kerry writes the name of the hen who laid them and the date they did so. You can't get that in London.

I love having someone to look after and fuss over again. Mike can be lazy with his eating, a bad habit when you have Crohn's disease. He's getting a proper tea in the evening and I'm enjoying my routine of exercise and healthy but wholesome food. This country living's alright.

scrambled eggs
sausage mash balsamic vinegar
cheese and onion on toast
Lauren Aitchison