The Force Awakens/Nerd life

20 years and counting. That's how long I've been in a relationship with Star Wars. I found the VHS tapes on my grandad's shelf and was hooked. I thought Han Solo was the most amazing human who had ever lived (there is still a little bit of me that thinks that).

When a cinema event like this happens, you split into two parts. There is the huge part, which is just really excited about the film and you talk to your other nerd friends about what you think might happen. You dig out merchandise from the cupboards. You can't decide which of the four Star Wars tshirts you'll wear to the cinema.

Then there is the other part of you. The childish, sulky, teenage part of you.

I wasn't bullied at school but I was definitely picked on. I was a swot and a nerd. Harry Potter was still in the early days of the book series. It wasn't cool. Lord of the Rings wasn't cool. Star Wars definitely wasn't cool. While a lot of people at school were learning to smoke and going shopping, my friend Lizzie and I were drinking red wine and watching Monty Python in our pyjamas. Even when things weren't the best at school, it didn't occur to me to drop my geeky ways. I'm kind of proud of young Lauren for that.

Then I grew up. When I was on Tinder last year, men would challenge my Star Wars knowledge. "You like Star Wars, huh? If you like it so much, tell me who shot first." That kind of bullshit. The first half of my life was defending my love of Star Wars and the second half has been proving it. 

Anyway, here is a picture of Harrison Ford in his pants. Please go and see the new Star Wars. It's damn near perfect.

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