There's a girl in the corner (in Glasgow)

When it comes to friends, I'm all about the quality over quantity. They may be spread to the four corners of the UK, but when I do see the women who are my invisible backbone, they're always worth the wait.

Hannah took me under her wing when I moved to London (her chicken wing - that girl knows every good food joint going) and when she said she was coming up to see one of her favourite bands in Glasgow, I had to see her.

Hands up, Glasgow ain't my city. The Scottish joke is that Edinburgh is "England's loft extension" but I was born there and have spent my life nipping down on the train to see my grandparents.

But Glasgow might be charming the pants off me more and more every time I go.

In all the times I've visited Glasgow, I've always been at a gig or drunk on Lauren's living room floor. This was the first time I've been a tourist and we visited 'House for an Art Lover', the Burrell Collection and the Scottish Football Museum. Then we were off to drink and eat (in that order) at The Kelvingrove Cafe and The Gannet. Finally, we saw the Twilight Sad at The Barras',

You might think by what I was wearing, aka the loudest jacket in the world, that I would look out of place in a football museum. And you'd be completely right! Hannah and I might as well have worn tshirts saying "we don't belong here" but (whisper it...) the museum was actually quite fun and interesting...

The Twilight Sad were incredible. As a Glaswegian band, to sell out the Barrowlands was a dream come true and they were very emotional the whole way through the set. What a bloody fantastic weekend.

Lauren Aitchison