'Til death do us part

Kieran and I stood outside the bathroom, banging and banging on the door.

"Lauren! Are you ok?!"

"She's fallen asleep on the toilet, hasn't she..."

"She only had two drinks - LAUREN!" (Bang bang bang)

Kieran stopped and lowered his voice. "Lauren...I need the toilet."

We heard groaning. "I'm sooooo sorry Kieran. Give...give me a sec." The door unlocks and a dishevelled, sleepy and clearly drunk Lauren comes out. Distracted by film trailers and comedy clips, Kieran and I hadn't noticed she had gone to the toilet and not come back. We were supposed to have been in a Brazilian restaurant in the centre of Glasgow 20 minutes ago to celebrate her birthday. We make coffee and I order a huge box of Chinese food.

Lauren birthday drunk
Lauren birthday chinese

This story sums up Lauren very well; not the being drunk, I don't mean that. She's just always so excited to see people she loves, to be doing things with them that she's carried away with it all. I've had civilised dinners with her and cocktails in posh bars but I've also held her hair back whilst she vomited into a plastic bag in a shopping centre. Such is the life of the best friend.

The aim of the game called Life is to find someone to love and marry and have babies with until death us do part. Except, you might not be with them that long. I'm both morbid and a worrier and it occurs to me that the person I'm going to be with for those things might not necessarily be the person who sleeps next to me every night. We need a back-up, someone to tag into the ring if everything doesn't go the way we thought it would.

Lauren holiday

We're all guilty of it at some point. We get into a relationship and get so sucked up in it that we don't see our friends as much as we should, when we should be treating them like our partners as much as our girlfriend or boyfriend. Your best friend might actually be the person you're with until the bitter end. 

I try to treat Lauren like a second partner and she's the same with me. I get home every day to an: "Evening lovely, how was your day?" She keeps an eye on me and will check in twice as much if I'm not feeling right, even if it's something silly. We talk about our future together and moving to France when we're old ladies, to eat cheese and drink wine with every meal.

Please look after your friends. Kiss them and ask them how they are and send them cards for no reason and compliment them and just love them as hard as you would any husband or wife. Your real soulmate might be right under your nose.

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