Last month, Mike and I missed our train to Glasgow. We drove like the wind for most of the 40 miles to the station (within the speed limit, officer) but were stuck behind a caravan in Nairn. We had two hours to kill in Inverness, so Mike took my hand. There was a book shop I'd love.


I walked out of Leakey's on Church Street with three books from my goodreads.com list, all hardback and I was barely £15 worse off. 

They've been sitting on my shelf whilst I revisit old favourites and finished the Green MP Caroline Lucas's book. It's an easy-to-read rant about where she thinks politics has gone wrong and was actually a light page-turner after Owen Jones's "The Establishment", which I slogged through for weeks at work.

honourable friends

Now onto Angela's Ashes. It's very bleak. I like it so far.


Lauren Aitchison